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2001 US Nationals Photos
Main Pages
Pages marked with an asterisk (*) have many images.  These pages have sub-pages listed in the section below.

Brown's Juniors (Meagan Browning, Susan Jackson, Nina Kim)*

Capital (Katie Heenan, Ashley Postell)

Hill's (Ashley Kupets, Courtney Kupets, Glyn Sweets)*

(Nicole Childs, Carly Patterson, Hollie Vise, Lindsay van den Eykel, Kaitlin White)*

All Other (Identified) Juniors
Kristina Baskett, Lisa Colwell, Sarah Curtis, Bridgette Glass, Terin Humphrey, Sabrina Long, Tia Orlando, Katie Perret, Kassi Price, Haiya Rodriguez, Maria Scaffidi, Jordan Schwikert, Samantha Sheehan, Melanie Sinclair, Kristal Uzelac, Rebekah Zaiser*

All Other (Identified) Seniors
(M-C Bayer, Mohini Bhardwaj, Nicole Butler, Tarah Chellevold, Brittany Comeaux, Dana Filetti, Natalie Foley, Nicole Ford, Marie Fjordholm, Annie Jenkins, Katie Kivisto, Ashley Kelly, Brittany Koncak, Lisa Marzan, Ashley Miles, Ashley Miller, Sarrie Rubin, Tasha Schwikert, Amanda Stroud, Rachel Tidd, Tiffany Van Dusen, Morgan White, Lori Winn, Tabitha Yim*

 Unidentified Juniors
Pages with fewer images (for those with slower connections)

Meagan Browning (Brown's)

Nicole Childs, WOGA

Terin Humphrey, GAGE

Susan Jackson (Brown's)

 Nina Kim (Brown's)

Courtney and Ashley Kupets (Hill's)

Carly Patterson, WOGA

Maria Scaffidi

Jordan and Tasha Schwikert

Larissa Stewart

Glyn Sweets, Hill's

Lindsay van den Eykel, WOGA

Hollie Vise, WOGA

Kaitlin White, WOGA

Morgan White

CGA Juniors (Haiya Rodriguez, Samantha Sheehan)

Excalibur (Nikki Butler, Dana Filetti, Annie Jenkins)

HUGS (Harris Unlimited) 
Brittany Koncak and Ashley Miles

International (Marie Fjordholm, Ashley Kelly)

Krafft Academy (Lisa Colwell, Sabrina Long)

Parkettes (Tia Orlando, Kristal Uzelac)

SCEGA (Amanda Stroud, Rachel Tidd)

Other Juniors 
(Kristina Baskett, Sarah Curtis, Bridgette Glass,  Katie Perret, Kassi Price, Melanie Sinclair, Rebekah Zaiser)

Other Seniors 
(M-C Bayer, Mohini Bhardwaj, Tarah Chellevold, Brittany Comeaux, Natalie Foley, Nicole Ford, Katie Kivisto, Lisa Marzan, Ashley Miller, Sarrie Rubin, Tiffany Van Dusen, Lori Winn, Tabitha Yim)